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Once cut from California school budgets, Drivers Education is back online!

Many high schools, public, private and charter, do not have an approved or accredited driver education class, and so “My California Permit” makes this site available for them to use as a resource in their own classrooms. They can enjoy going over it with friends or family members, and may review items they don’t fully understand. In fact it can be used by anyone, not just teens, as a driver education refresher course.

If you ever wondered what is the timeline for the Driver License Process is you can visit In short, teens that are at least 15 ½ must take several steps to get their driver license after they complete this online course, such as:

  • Take the online drivers ed exam to receive a Certificate of Completion (DL/400C)
  • Complete the behind-the-wheel training to receive a Certificate of Completion (DL/OL 238)
  • Fill out the drivers license application form (DL44)
  • Make an appointment with the DMV and pass the driving permit test
  • Practice driving under supervision with an adult over 25 for 6 months
  • Make an appointment with the DMV and pass the driving test offers the exam to receive the Certificate of Completion following the course at a competitive rate and provides useful tips on the entire driver license process to help make high school teens safe, confident, and driving on their own.

This course was designed by, Glenard Munson, who is a veteran driving instructor with over 16 years of experience. Mr. Munson was appointed California's "Instructor of the Year" and is also the President of the California Driver Education Association.

To take advantage of this curriculum at no cost or settle a bet on a traffic law, go to and start finding answers to your driving questions.

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