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6. California Licensing & Registration

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1. The California Vehicle Code


The following pages are text-intensive, since they deal primarily with the laws of the California vehicle Code. It is a little lengthy, and tedious, however, ANY of these subjects may be covered in your written test. Therefore, we highly recommend that you do NOT skip this, or other text-intensive pages. Knowledge is the key to passing your test, as well as avoiding tickets and collisions in the future.

Laws regarding the ownership, sale, operation, and maintenance of vehicles and trailers in the State of California as well as the licensing of drivers is set forth in The California Vehicle Code as well as other codes of the State including:

  • Business and Professional Code
  • Civil Code
  • Code of Civil Procedure
  • The Constitution of the State of California
  • Education Code
  • Fish and Game Code
  • Food and Agriculture Code
  • Government Code
  • Harbors and Navigation Code
  • Health and Safety Code
  • Insurance Code
  • Labor Code
  • Military and Veterans Code
  • Penal Code
  • Public Resources Code
  • Public Utilities Code
  • Revenue and Taxation Code
  • Streets and Highway Code
  • Welfare and Institutions Code

  • The California Vehicle Code requires DMV to license and/or inspect the operations of:

  • driver education and driver training schools
  • vehicle registration services
  • traffic violator schools
  • vehicle dismantlers
  • lessors and retailers of vehicles
  • vehicle sales persons
  • vehicle transporters
  • The California Vehicle Code contains the laws and regulations governing the licensing process, the expiration and renewal of a driver license, and the suspension and revocation of a driver license. Special certifications or endorsements are required to:

  • operate a tow truck
  • operate a farm labor vehicle
  • transport hazardous materials
  • drive fire fighting vehicles
  • drive ambulances
  • transport passengers
  • drive a school or youth bus
  • drive a commercial vehicle
  • pull large trailers
  • ride a motorcycle

  • The California Vehicle Code specifies what types of trailers and vehicles can be towed, what types of vehicles are necessary for towing different trailers and vehicles, and what licenses, certifications, or endorsements are necessary to be able to tow these trailers and vehicles.

    The California Vehicle Code specifies the types of hazardous materials that can be transported, under what conditions, and the licensing or certification of persons necessary for operating the vehicle.

    The California Vehicle Code addresses:

  • the definition of words and phrases related to motor vehicles
  • licensing and registration administration issues
  • registration of vehicles and certificates of title
  • registration and transfer of vessels
  • vehicle sales
  • special antitheft laws
  • occupational and business regulations
  • driver licenses
  • motor vehicle transactions with minors
  • financial responsibility laws
  • civil liability
  • accidents and accident reports
  • rules of the road
  • sentencing for driving under the influence
  • vehicle equipment
  • transportation of explosives, hazardous materials, inhalation hazards, and flammable materials
  • safety regulations
  • motor carriers of property
  • motor vehicle damage control
  • the size, weight, and types of loads that may be transported
  • implements of husbandry
  • off-highway vehicles
  • registration and licensing of bicycles
  • offenses and prosecution
  • penalties and disposition of fees, fines, and forfeitures
  • Lesson Summary


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